Andrea Turk was born in Jakarta to a Croatian father and Indonesian mother who is a descendant from W.R. Soepratman, Indonesia’s national hero and composer of national anthem "Indonesia Raya". Andrea is a 19 year old musician, singer-songwriter, producer, and mixing engineer who is now living in Los Angeles as a second-year student at CalArts pursuing her BFA degree at California Institute of the Arts. She has released over three albums, including her latest one "Blue Honey" on August 30th, 2020. Her recent single "Super Human" got placed in New Music Friday Spotify Playlists in 8 Asian countries.

Andrea completed rigorous music training in the US, starting with 5-Week Intensive Summer Course at Berklee College of Music in 2016, Songwriting & Contemporary singing at NYU Steinhardt in 2017 & 2018, and one month at Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, NYU Tisch in 2018. This summer, she completed 4 Berklee Online summer courses studying Songwriting & Mixing.

Andrea performed as the opening act with DJ group Weird Genius at Chainsmokers’ LIVE Concert in Jakarta on 30th March 2018. Apart from composing the thematic song “Garden” for a cinematic movie titled “Rumput Tetangga'' (now showing on NETFLIX), she also received an international recognition as a songwriter from winning the Youth International Songwriting Competition 2019 from Song Academy UK, where she was invited to sing her original song “Who We Are” at the showcase event in London. On 17th August 2019, when she was chosen by the President of the Republic of Indonesia to perform as a soloist with the GBN Orchestra for Indonesia’s 74th Independence Day at the State Palace, in front of Indonesian President himself and live national television.

“Blue Honey” is the third  album released by 19-year old singer-songwriter/producer/artist Andrea Turk. The album was produced together by Andrea Turk and her friends, such as Alffy Rev, Dewa Budjana, Free Arlo, Nafets, Andrew Bedows, Tracey Brakes, NC7teen, and Jackson Kaplan. The whole album was mixed by Satrio Pratomo at Jakarta, Indonesia and mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound, New Jersey.

With all the sweetness you have in your life, there’s still no escaping the feeling of sadness, therefore you’re left with “Blue Honey”. This album emphasizes on the intricate details that go on in the days in the life of Andrea in California, as she slowly peels off her facade to bring you the truths of everyday emotions and experiences. “ I’m a very emotional person inside, and sometimes those emotions pour out boundlessly into my works of art, which is why this third album by far has felt the most familiar to me.” From experiencing the highs and lows of love in “Oranges” and “Dancing Away (With You)”, to the recurring insecurities and mental health issues in “Numb” and “Casket”, Andrea takes you on a whirlwind journey with her musically captivating Pop arrangements and her Indie-influenced guitar licks.

Cultura Magazine review on single "Dancing Away With You":

"Andrea (also) describes the figure of her lover in sensual and elegant lyrics, further showing her maturity in writing lyrics. The concept of this melancholy ballad is matched by the unquestionable quality of Andrea Turk's vocals. Although the composition of this song is minimalistic and simple, there are lots of improvisations and natural sounding melodies delivered by Andrea's golden voice."

Cover art done by Janelle Brosnan. Makeup and hair by Lani Morales Guerrero.

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