•  Fall 2020 // Programming Schedule 
  • *all shows are pacific standard time (PST) 

 FORTHEFUTURE Radio - Tru/Philip Bucknor 2:00pm
 Outside Music from Inside the Golden State - Eliot Burk 4:00pm 
 mellow drama - Shania Mark Twain + Noelle 6:00 pm

 The Root Cellar - Rob Weddle 8:00pm

 Studio 24707 - DJ NEO, DJ GERM, DJ LUVA, DJ BUTTERFLY 5:00pm 
 Happiness Online - Leah Levinson 7:00pm 
 clepsydra - dominique 8:00pm 
 ALLIGATOR JUICE - vomitchild 10:00pm 

 Arcadio - DJBKMRARCADIO 12:00pm
 The Worldblock - Gondre Lewis 1:00pm

Crate Diggin’ - Zach Rosenstiehl/Jay Shroeda 5:00pm 
 This or That - Jakester 7:00pm 

 Greatest Hits - Nick Brown 5:00pm
 The Beepin’ Hour - SirBeepsAlot 7:00pm

 BST LYFE - Chris Lyric 8:00pm

 ︎ >FRIDAY 
  Georgie Romero is Done For - Kat W. Shea 3:00pm
 RadioFluid - DJ Zöe Danger 4:00pm 
 CalArtians in Exile - Chance Vernon 6:00pm

 The Magic Lantern Show - Matthew Pagoaga 7:00pm
  Underground Wave - Ashris + ArcLawrence 9:00pm 

 Deep Groove Tuesdays - Lucas Brahme 12:00pm
 Hallyu, Hi You! - Angela Rosado 5:00pm 
 Technically Radio - NOBODYSNOTHING/Malcolm + Logan 10:00pm 

 Mierda y Media - Gabriel Giron Vives 1:00pm
 pharmakon - x/0 7:00pm
 Unstable Equilibria - Anoush Ella 8:00pm 
 Escape Tunes - Aashray Harishankar 10:00pm