KCIA Presents: Spring Event // Friday April 9 // 8pm PST

Featuring performances by Carl Stone, Isaac Rohr, Muff (Steven Chen), Nick Flessa, and Séance (Angelo Yousef, Sean Kovacs, Parker Tozier, Clay Hollander, and Ben Sandall). Art and visuals by Damir Inbar, Amy Chiao, Alexsa Durrans, and Brin Gordon. Radio show previews of RadioFluid (DJ Zoe Danger), Shake Onigiri (Kanoa Ichiyanagi), Unsure Sounds (Henry Delargy and Maria Bulla), psy-phy (Sam Wentz), and play by ear: mixed feelings (haHa and chaCha). Curated and produced by Dylan Marx, Kristianne Bautista, and Brian Morones