• Spring 2021 // Programming Schedule

    *all shows are pacific standard time (PST)

 Of Course You Turned Out This Way - M + Amy 12:00pm 
 FORTHEFUTURE Radio - Tru/Philip Bucknor 2:00pm 
 Outside Music from Inside the Golden State - Eliot Burk 4:00pm 

 Pocketlint - Armand Paul 7:00pm 
 The Root Cellar - Rob Weddle 8:00pm
 Vontell collects - Sankarsh Rajeev 9:00pm 

 Station 38 - Voice of the End 4:30pm  
Latin Flavors - Emilia Desire 6:00pm 
 clepsydra - dominique 8:00pm 

 Arcadio - DJMRBKARCADIO 12:00pm 
  psy-phy - Sam Wentz 1:00pm 
 Crate Diggin - Zach Rosenstiehl/Jay Schroeda 5:00pm 
 BST LYFE - Chris Lyric + Escapist + Sleepie Louie 7:00pm 

  Earwicker - DJ Earwicker 3:00pm 
 Unsure Sounds - Henry Delargy and María Alejandra Bulla 6:00pm 
 The Nick Flessa Show - Nick Flessa 8:00pm 

 Georgie Romero is Done For - Kat W. Shea 3:00pm 
 RadioFluid - DJ Zöe Danger 4:00pm 
 Shake Onigiri - Kanoa Ichiyanagi 5:00pm 
 Cal Artians In Exile - Chance Vernon 6:00 pm
 High Asia Lo-Pacific - Eyvind Kang 8:00pm 

 Hush! Caution! Echoland! - Big Daniella + Small Mat 3:00pm 
 (bi-weekly show) 
 play by ear: mixed feelings - chaCha + haHa 5:00pm 
 (bi-weekly show) 
 now let us shift - Rosa Evangelina 7:00pm 

 Unstable Equilibria - Anoush Ella 8:00pm