Amplifying the voice of the community since 1970-ish

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radioKCIA’s humble beginnings can be traced back to a makeshift studio housed within a vacant room in Chouinard Hall. Comprised of a short-range transmitter, a reel-to-reel playback unit, a couple turntables and a mic, the radio station served as a means of uniting the isolated CalArts community in a time devoid of smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Beyond that is the stuff of CalArts legend.

With the reinstatement of the CalArts internal newspaper, now known as the “Calarts Eye”, we’ve taken tiny steps in a bright new direction. However, we mustn’t rest on our laurels and the journey ahead will require creative collaboration that defies institute borders.

In conjunction with students, faculty and staff, we aim to amplify the voice of the community through a broad range of services stemming from a new, state of the art studio. A sandbox for creative content development and experimentation, the KCIA Creator Studio will preserve the spirit of traditional radio broadcast techniques, while providing an exciting new venue for artistic expression.