Station Philosophy:

KCIA operates in order to serve the Calarts community including
current students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We are a freeform
web-based platform that ultimately encourages self-expression.
In addition to providing the latest news, information, and
entertainment, KCIA has the following objectives:

• To be a forum for the sharing of ideas to and among the
Calarts community;
• The dispersion of information regarding events, news,
exhibits, academics, and related topics to the Calarts
community and the wider Los Angeles area;
• And to provide professional experience for Calarts
students interested in radio production.

The Department of Communications intends for the radio station
to provide a creative atmosphere for the education and training
of those interested in radio production to teach (a) the
complexities and operation of a broadcasting station, (b)
audience program needs and (c) the highest broadcast standards.


Spring2024 Schedule

KCIA Staff